Club Handicap Races

Christmas Handicap – club competition

Group pic from christmas 2013The race starts in the South drive car park at Tehidy Woods. The route follows the track around the right hand side of the lake before bearing left crossing a small bridge then swinging right and heading down towards Otter Bridge.
The route goes right over the bridge then immediately left and follows the wide, leafy West Drive track down to the end of the woods. Emerging left onto the road at Coombe, another left turn is taken and soon the road climbs up Magor Hill, past the farm and up to Mount Whistle. The road then levels out and carries on down to the top entrance to South Drive. Turning left into the drive it’s now all downhill back towards the car park. Ignoring the left turn back into the car park, the route continues straight on and climbs slightly to the finish located between the two large pillars either side of the drive. Distance 3.94 miles.


  • 1995              Dennis BurrellChristmas Handicap 2013
  • 1996              Terry Clarke
  • 1997              Graham Waters
  • 1998              Glyn Davies
  • 1999              Not Held
  • 2000             Kev May
  • 2001              Not Held
  • 2002             Barrie Cardew
  • 2003             Not Held
  • 2004             John Faulds
  • 2005             Judy Jameson
  • 2006             Lucy Kean
  • 2007             Barry Drew
  • 2008             Lizzie Culley
  • 2009             Martin Symons
  • 2010             Steve Jones
  • 2011             Alison Galloway
  • 2012             Peter Drew
  • 2013             Janna Eyre
  • 2014             Ceri Harvey
  • 2015             Emma Beever
  • 2016             Sarah Carswell

Summer Handicap – club competition

Due to the popularity of the Christmas Handicap competition it was decided to run a Summer Handicap now held in August each year using the same route as the Christmas race.


  • 2013            Ceri Harvey
  • 2014            Chris Cudlip
  • 2015            James Findlay
  • 2016            Alex Hocking