Cornish Multi Terrain Series

Cornish Multi Terrain Series & Results

pbrunning_logoThe races are open to all. Members of affiliated Cornish Running Clubs will automatically be included in the Series tables and must wear their club colours during the competition.

The Multi Terrain Race Series MTRS comprises 10 races for 2015/16 as listed. To achieve a Series completion award, competitors need to complete 6 out of the 10 races.

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There are two individual competitions for both Male and Female, the “Open” and the “Age category” competition. All ages compete in the open and the winner of the race is awarded 300 points and second place 299 and so on down the field.

Age categories are age on 1st July 2015: –

Male under 35, M35-39, M40-44, M45-49 M50-54, M55-59, M60-64, M65-69, M70-74, M75+

Female under 35, F35- 39, F40-44, F45-49, F50-54, F55-59, F60-64, F65-69, F70+

Both the men’s and the women’s team competition require teams of four to score. These will be the first four male finishers from a club and the first four female finishers from a club. Team competition is open to affiliated running club teams from Cornwall.

The results will be shown below asap after the completion of each race.

2017/18 Dates and Results

 Race Dist. Date  Results
Tywardreath Trotter  7 miles 29th July 2017 Download
Lanhydrock  10 miles 23rd September 2017 Download
Mount’s Bay Remembrance Run  4 miles 12th November 2017 Download
Race for Wildlife  7 miles 3rd December 2017 Download
5 Tors  8 miles 15th April 2018 Cancelled
Imerys Half (St Austell)  13.1 miles 13th May 2018 Download
Bude Lifeboat Run  6 miles 13th June 2018
Meet Your Max  7 miles 20th June 2018
Bocconoc  5 miles 26th June 2018
It will be a 9 race series only this year.

Multi Terrain Table after last event:

MTRS 2017-18 Series After 5 events

2016/17 Dates and Results

 Race Dist. Date  Results
 Tywardreath Trotter  7 miles  30th July 2016 Download
 Trelissick  10K  20th August 2016 Download
 Lanhydrock  10 miles  8th October 2016 Download
 Mount’s Bay Remembrance Run  4 miles  13th November 2016 Download
 Race for Wildlife  7 miles  4th December 2016 Download
 5 Tors  8 miles  16th April 2017 Download
 Imery’s Half (St Austell)  13.1 miles  14th May 2017 Download
 Bude Lifeboat Run  6 miles  14th June 2017 Download
 Meet Your Max  7 miles  21st June 2017 Download
 Bocconoc  5 miles  27th June 2017 Download

Multi Terrain Table after last event:

16-17 MTRS Final Results after 10 events

2015/16 Dates and Results

 Race Dist. Date  Results
 Tywardreath Trotter  7 miles  25th July 2015  Download
 Trelissick  10K  22nd August 2015  Download
 Mount’s Bay Remembrance Run  4 miles  8th November 2015  Download
 Race for Wildlife  7 miles  6th December 2015  Download
 5 Tors  8 miles  17th April 2016  Download
 Imery’s Half (St Austell)  13.1 miles  15th May 2016  Download
 Bude Lifeboat Run  6 miles  15th June 2016  Download
 Lanhydrock  10 miles  18th June 2016  Download
 Meet your Max  7 miles  22nd June 2016  Download
 Bocconoc  5 miles  28th June 2016  Download

Multi Terrain Table after last event:

Final MTRS after 10 Events

2014/15 Dates and Results

 Race Dist. Date  Results
 Tywardreth Trotter  7 miles  26th July 2014  Download
 Trelissick  10K  23rd August 2014  Download
 Mount’s Bay Remembrance Run  4 miles  9th November 2014  Download
 Race for Wildlife  7 miles  7th December 2014  Download
 5 Tors  10 miles  19th April 2015  Download
 Imery’s Half (St Austell)  13.1 miles  17th May 2015  Download
 Bude Lifeboat Run  6 miles  10th June 2015  Download
 Meet your Max  7 miles  17th June 2015  Download
 Lanhydrock  10 miles  21st June 2015  Download
 Bocconoc  5 miles  30th June 2015  Download

Multi Terrain Table after last event:

Final Results Tables after 10 Events


2014 Dates and Final Results

 Race Dist. Date  Results
 5 Tors  10 miles  6th April 2014  Cancelled
 Imerys Half (St Austell)  13.1 miles  18th May 2014  Download
 Bude Lifeboat Run  6 miles  11th June 2014  Download
 Meet your Max  7 miles  18th June 2014  Download
 Lanhydrock  10 miles  22nd June 2014  Download
 Bocconoc  5 miles  3rd July 2014  Download

Multi Terrain Table Final Results 2014: