The Madness of King George (Vol 2)

This year I signed up to run the ‘Madness of King George (Vol 2)’; an event which involves running up and down King George’s Memorial Walk in Hayle non-stop for 12 hours.  Why?! I asked myself that question countless times.  But the reality is that it was a great way to test my ability and see how far I could run in a 12 hour period.  I am not a quick runner and having done my first 50k (31 miles), wanted to see if I could run further….  What puts me off signing up to some events is that there is usually a cut off time, which immediately puts me under pressure.  The question goes through my head every time I see a cut off: ‘can I do it’.  I figured that signing up to an event that has a set time for you to do what you can was really appealing.

For those that don’t know, King George’s Memorial Walk is exactly 0.53 miles in length, or 1.06 miles if you go up and back.  I know this for a fact, because I have now run that stretch 42 times!!  If you think I am mad, then you must also know that I wasn’t the only Carnie to do it.  In fact, out of the 13 people that entered and the 11 of us that finished over half were either first or second claim members of Carn Runners!!   Out of the six of us that ran, 3 had signed up for the 12 and the other 3 did the 24 hour event. So in comparison I must be relatively sane, right?!

Everyone involved in the event was so friendly, the event crew, marshall’s, supporters and other runners.  In fact I am always amazed at how supportive the running community is, in particular members of Carn Runners.  People kept on popping by to say hello and run/walk the odd lap or two with us. And two Carnie even stayed for most of the 12 hours, both supporting and entertaining us (this included wearing fancy dress and coming up with different slogans each lap).

For anyone that is looking to challenge themselves, I can highly recommend doing something like the Madness of King George, or Hope 12/24.  It doesn’t matter if you are fast or slow, it’s an event to see what you can do in 12 hours. Good luck!!