DAN Series

Dan Series and Results

Duchy Athletics Network

Here is an opportunity to do some summer running on the track in a relaxed and fun way.

The series will comprise of four events held alternately at Carn Brea and Par tracks and will cover a range of distances and formats that will suit both experienced and beginner runners alike.

The DAN Summer Run Series is open to all over the age of 13 with an emphasis on inclusion for all runners regardless of ability. All the races will be undertaken with a relaxed format and the mixed relay events will add a further element of fun with teams of 2 male and 2 female runners competing over 1mile (4laps) each.

The events will be held on evenings from May to August and organised and managed in co-operation by Athletics and Running Clubs of the Duchy Athletics Network.

Dan Series 2017

Race Date Results
5000m Race  25th May 2017 (Carn Brea) Download
Mixed Relays Download
10000m Race  26th July 2016 (Par) Download
3000m Race  23rd August 2016 (Par) Download

Dan Series 2016

Race Date Results
3000m Race  26th May 2016 (Carn Brea)  Download
5000m Race  26th July 2016 (Par)  Download
10000m Race  25th August 2016 (Carn Brea) Download
100m, 400m, 1500m Races  27th Sept 2016 (Par)

Dan Series 2015

Race Date Results
5k Race  28th May 2015 Download
10k Race  23rd June 2015 Download
Team Relay Races  30th July 2015 Download
Try a new Distance 100,400,1500  25th August 2015

Dan Series 2014

Race Date Results
5k races (3 graded races)  28th May 2014  Download
10k race & 4 x 1 mile Mixed Team Relay  24th June 2014  Download
3k races (2 graded races) & 4 x 1 mile Mixed Team Relay  31st July 2014  Download
5k races (3 graded races)  26th August 2014